History Week

 SA History Event

TWO WELLS Celebrates 150 Years of Schooling 1865-2015

1967 twps grade 1 1969 twps grade 3-4 1924 TWS grade 4 and 5

17th May 2015

“Your Story, Our History”

“I remember when…..”

We encourage anyone who has been part of Two Wells Primary School over the last 150 years to share their memories or memorabilia.

These stories will form a resource to celebrate, for students to research and a record of why we are proud of our history!

Stories can be in the form of reflections, experiences, photo’s, poems or any form you wish to submit, you can leave a reply at the bottom of this page or fill in the contact form. Please include if you were a student, staff, parent or community member and the year you were here.

Here are some guiding examples.

  • A class incident.
  • A teacher you remember.
  • An innovative idea, (school radio station, A new club.)
  • A multi-cultural experience
  • Welfare Club event
  • What school taught me about life!
  • A lesson I have never forgotten!
  • An excursion or sports day.
  • Why Two Wells School is important to me!

You may like to work with some one else or as a family to share a story.

We look forward to receiving your contribution to celebrating. There are no restrictions to the number of stories.

Please tick the box on the contact form if you agree that staff may contact you for further information.

Please get writing, story submission need to be in as soon as possible or by the end of April 2015.

Submissions can be mailed to 17 Gawler Rd. Two Wells, S.A 5501 or emailed to allison.landherr221@schools.sa.edu.au


3 thoughts on “History Week”

  1. Thanks Allison and Lynda in getting this all going on the website. I see the about time website is now operating also and a photo in today”s Sunday Mail advising on the Living History Day. Alan


  2. Thank you to the 160 plus people who came o the SA History Event today at Two Wells Primary. Lots of people didn’t want to leave and decided to continue their conversations else where. There was lots of reminiscing and some great stories.


  3. Thanks Allison for your work in helping to making a good idea become reality! Thanks especially for your all your IT skills and organization. Let’s hope many remember to send you their stories!


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